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KTH Sales, Inc, has been providing quality products and technical assistance for the industrial fluid handling market since 1981. We specialize in meeting your needs for corrosion resistant pumps, manual and actuated valves, tanks, flow meters, heaters, filter systems, corrosive and ultra pure chemical transfer, filtration and storage. From our location just 20 miles south of Chicago, KTH Sales, Inc. serves companies nationwide.   Since September of 1997 our catalog and services have been listed on the web to provide additional information to our industrial base of customers and for exposure to new clients who desire a high level of product knowledge from their supplier.

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Filter Pump Industries /Penguin Pumps is one of the leading manufacturers of thermoplastic pumps and filtration systems for the plating and electronics industries.  Their strength is product durability and pump design performance.  Attention to detail assures that superior value is delivered.    

Filter Pump Industries
7932 Ajay Drive
Sun Valley, CA  91352